Nylon Spandex Printed Camouflage

From: 160.00

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Nylon Spandex Printed fabric is a durable and stretchy textile featuring vibrant prints, combining the versatility of nylon with the flexibility of spandex, perfect for creating eye-catching and form-fitting garments.

PHP 160/KG, 27-28KG in 1 roll (AVAILABLE in GFT 8 BRANCH)


Elevate your creations with our Nylon Spandex Printed fabric. Crafted for durability and designed for flexibility, this textile boasts vibrant prints that are sure to turn heads. The marriage of nylon’s resilience with spandex’s stretch makes it ideal for crafting eye-catching and form-fitting garments that seamlessly blend style with comfort.

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teal blue, blush pink, purple, fuschia, bluish gray, lime green, red, mint green


27kg, 28kg