Frequently Asked Questions

What products does Gold Fortune Textile offer?

Gold Fortune Textile is your one-stop shop for all things textile, offering a vast selection of fabrics (classic, special, various materials/textures), sewing supplies (threads, labels, buttons), equipment (sewing machines, heat presses, unrollers), and even homeware fabrics (towels, bedding, curtains). Visit our website or stores to explore our extensive product range and find the perfect materials for your project.

Where can I explore your products? Where are you located? What is your store schedule?

Explore our comprehensive product selection through two convenient options!  Our physical stores in Taytay, Rizal are open Monday to Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Visit to find the store nearest you. Alternatively, browse our extensive online catalog at to discover the perfect fabrics, sewing supplies, equipment, and homeware items for your needs.

What is the price range for your products?

Given the vast selection of textiles, sewing supplies, equipment, and homeware items we offer, and the influence of fabric types, designs, and order quantities on pricing, it’s challenging to provide a single price range. To ensure you receive the most accurate pricing information, we recommend browsing our website at or visiting our stores in Taytay, Rizal. Our friendly staff is happy to assist you with any pricing inquiries and provide a quote specific to your needs.

Can I request a sample fabric for texture and color check?

We understand the importance of feeling the texture and quality of fabrics before purchasing. To explore the textures and full range of color options for our fabrics, we recommend utilizing our online shop at There, you can browse individual fabric selections. While browsing each product page, you’ll find a “Request Swatches” option that allows you to connect with our staff and finalize your swatch request, ensuring you can experience the quality and color variations firsthand.

What is your MoQ (minimum order quantities)?

Our minimum order quantities (MoQ) depend on the fabric you’re interested in. We typically sell fabrics by the kilo, which translates to roughly 3-5 yards depending on the fabric’s weight and roll length.  Certain items and categories, like cotton spandex rolls (weighing 25-30 kg and measuring 100-120 yards), may have higher MoQs.  For specific MoQs and fabric widths (which generally range around 60 inches but can vary by fabric type), please visit our online shop at or contact our stores in Taytay, Rizal.


Do you have Shopee or Lazada stores?

At this time, Gold Fortune Textile does not have a presence on Shopee or Lazada. However, we offer several convenient ways to connect with us.  You can reach us by phone at (02) 8244-7041, 0985-904-6057, or 0908-811-1870, or visit one of our stores in Taytay, Rizal. Our store locations can be found on our website at We look forward to assisting you with your textile needs!

What are your payment and delivery options?

Gold Fortune Textile offers convenient payment options to suit your needs. We accept cash payments in-store and credit card payments (Visa/Mastercard) for both in-store and online purchases. Delivery options are available to ensure you receive your order promptly. We provide free delivery within the Taytay area when your order meets our minimum requirement. For locations beyond Taytay, we can leverage logistical partners like Lalamove or other couriers to ensure your order reaches you securely.  For further details on delivery fees and minimum order requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact our stores or visit our website.

Can you work with my designs or do you provide yours?

We offer two options to suit your design preferences. Our team is happy to collaborate and bring your unique visions to life. Alternatively, you can browse our extensive catalogue of popular pre-designed fabrics at and select options that align with your design goals. Our commitment is to provide the flexibility you need to execute your project flawlessly.

Do you have fabrics for T-shirts?

We offer a wide variety of fabrics suitable for T-shirt creation. You can browse our online shop at to explore our extensive selection and find the perfect material for your T-shirt designs. Our knowledgeable staff is also happy to assist you in person or by phone to discuss additional fabric options suitable for various garment types.


How do we check the quality of different fabrics?

Selecting the right fabric for your project is essential, and understanding factors that influence quality can be helpful. While we don’t offer specific quality designations within our FAQs, our website blog offers a comprehensive guide on this topic at why the right fabric is important when making clothes. This guide explores various aspects to consider when choosing high-quality fabrics. Our friendly staff is also happy to answer any questions you may have and help you select the perfect fabric for your needs.

What is the most common fabric in the textile business?

Determining the single most common fabric across the entire textile industry is quite complex.  However, to gain valuable insights into popular fabrics, we recommend reviewing our comprehensive blog post at What is the famous fabric in the Philippines? – Gold Fortune Textile.  It’s important to remember that fabric selection is highly dependent on the specific garment type being produced.  Our team is also available to answer any questions you may have about fabrics suitable for your project.

How do I choose a fabric supplier?

Choosing the right fabric supplier is crucial for your business success. To guide you through this process, we recommend reviewing our informative blog post, “How to Choose the Right Wholesale Fabric Supplier: A Beginner’s Guide” at How to Choose the Right Wholesale Fabric Supplier: A Beginner’s Guide. This post outlines key criteria to consider when selecting a supplier. Additionally, we invite you to explore our other blog posts to discover why Gold Fortune Textile is the perfect fit for your business needs.


Is selling fabric a good business?

We recommend exploring our informative blog posts at to gain valuable insights  on various aspects that influence success. These resources cover topics like selecting the right fabrics and suppliers, understanding different fabric types, and navigating other key areas of the textile business.  Equipping yourself with this knowledge will be crucial in making informed decisions about starting a fabric business.


How to start a fabric wholesale business?

To assist you in getting started, we recommend reviewing our informative blog post, “How to Choose the Right Wholesale Fabric Supplier: A Beginner’s Guide” at How to Choose the Right Wholesale Fabric Supplier: A Beginner’s Guide. Selecting the right supplier is a crucial first step, and this guide offers valuable insights to help you navigate that decision. Remember, successfully launching a wholesale business requires a comprehensive plan. Consider conducting further research on market needs, legalities, and business structures to fully prepare for your venture.