What products or items can be returned or exchanged?

  1. Factory Damaged products or items.
  2. Products or Items wrongly given by employees.

Note: All Return or Exchange transaction/s requires official receipt.

Factory Damaged products or items.

  • All products with factory damage can be returned / exchange within a week ( 7 days ) after purchased.
  • Fabric: Damaged fabrics should have more than 10 meters of FACTORY DAMAGED
  • Fabric: Damaged fabric should not be reduced by more than 2 kilograms before being returned.

Products or items wrongly given by employees.

  • Incorrectly provided products can be returned within a week (3 days) after purchased.
  • Products or items shall remain their original quantity or weight.

Note: If conditions are not met, customers may negotiate with the management with valid reasons or excuses.

Subject: Protocol on Reservation

1. The management would liked to ask your cooperation to not reserve all fabrics that are not yet available.

2. We may only keep the reservation up to 3 days.

3. If your reservation will exceed the allotted time frame, we advise you to place your down payment in order to secure your reservation.

4. The down payment is non- refundable once being processed.

5. The reservation might be prohibited if the management did not receive your down payment and automatically available to other customers.

6. The management will ask for your cooperation to pick up your stocks within one week