Our Story

Who we are

Gold Fortune Textile isn’t just a fabric supplier in the Philippines; we represent the pinnacle of innovation and excellence within the textile industry. Our unwavering commitment to superior quality and service drives our dedicated team. What sets us apart isn’t just fabrics, but our relentless pursuit of exceeding expectations. Our mission? Deliver beyond expectations, setting a new standard in textile excellence.

What we do

We have broadened our reach to serve a wider market by prioritizing innovation and fully embracing the digital landscape. We aspire to realize the dream of transcending traditional business boundaries by making high-quality textile and fabric products more accessible and convenient for you through e-commerce.

Our Vision

Gold Fortune Textile aims to become the best local supplier of fabric in the Philippines. We envision a future where Gold Fortune Textile is the premier one-stop-shop textile and garment provider for all our clients’ needs.

Our Mission

At Gold Fortune Textile, our mission is to provide high quality textile and fabric products for customer satisfaction and value, ensuring a convenient garment acquisition process. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Excellent Quality

We are committed to supplying customers with high quality textile and fabric products, ensuring the top-notch quality you deserve. Your satisfaction is our measure of success.

Exceptional Service

Tailored for you, our customer service aims to foster lasting relationships and mutual growth in the textile industry. Your trust and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Easy Access Innovations

We value your time as your textile supplier. Our mission: offer a convenient textile shopping experience, delivering your products hassle-free to your doorstep.

Our Journey Through Time


1993 Cotton Master Garments

Situated on a lively street in the heart of Rivertown, “Master Cotton Garments” is the foremost destination for enthusiasts and designers in the textile industry. Pioneered by visionary entrepreneur Jackie Sy, this inaugural textile warehouse intricately weaves together a rich tapestry of fabrics and inspiration.


2017 GFT Baltao Branch

Exploring new realms, we embrace a vibrant array of fabrics–from sumptuous silks to cozy cottons–on towering racks, fueling creative visions. The air carries the scent of freshly dyed fabrics, a testament to our commitment to quality as a leading textile supplier.


2018 GFT 8 Branch

Thriving in the vibrant city of Taytay Rizal, the third branch of “Gold Fortune Textile” captivates fashion enthusiasts and textile lovers. Under the visionary curatorship of GFTI, this warehouse redefines the art of selecting high quality textile and fabric products.


2019 GFT 1 Branch

The fourth branch is a vibrant atelier that transcends conventional textile warehouses, blending creativity and craftsmanship.  Adorned with artful and inspiring displays, Artistry Threads is a sanctuary for artists, establishing itself as a distinguished textile supplier.


2022 ESY Outlet - GFT App and Web

In the era of online platforms, Textile Touch emerges as a premier app and website for textile industry enthusiasts and designers. Step into a realm where boundless creativity and the enchantment of fabrics come to life at your fingertips.


2022 GFT Foundation Loyalty Club

With a global vision, GFT Foundation collaborates with local organizations worldwide, directing resources to back projects with a lasting impact. Spanning healthcare, environmental sustainability, and social entrepreneurship, we champion causes that empower individuals and communities, aiming to be the best local supplier of fabric products.

At Gold Fortune Textile, we are weaving the future of textiles with each thread inspired by our commitment to embracing innovation, unparalleled quality, and exceptional service. Join us on this exciting journey, as we redefine the textile industry in the Philippines.