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Introducing our GFT Household Linens – where versatility meets style!

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  • Comforter

  • Natural Latex Neck Supporter Pillow

  • #303 Bath Towel Fleece Fabric Bear

  • Pillow Case Microfiber Reversible

  • Plain Microfiber Blanket

  • Embossed Striped Flannel Blanket

  • Embossed Microfiber Blanket Thick

  • Embossed Cow Print Flannel Blanket

  • Pillow Case

  • Regular Pillow

    From: 150.00
  • Regular Bath Towel

    From: 160.00
  • Lamb Velvet Winter Blanket

    From: 510.00

At Gold Fortune Textile, we believe that our homes are our sanctuary, a place where our bedsheets, curtains, bath towels, pillows, blankets, or comforters make us feel relaxed, recharged, and inspired. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to making exceptional household linens that elevate our everyday living and transform our spaces into havens of comfort and style.

Whether you’re a fresh face in the market or a seasoned name looking to refresh your items, our household linen collection is designed to complement your brand identity, enhance customer satisfaction, and elevate your market presence. 

Our household linens aren’t just about aesthetics; they’re about creating a sensory experience that blends timeless elegance and sensational comfort. We meticulously select the finest materials, from the softest, most breathable cotton to the most opulent silks, ensuring that every touch is a moment of luxurious retreat.

Our collection of household linens encompasses everything you need to create a luxurious retreat in your own home:

  • Bedsheets: Throw yourself in the sumptuous embrace of our bedsheets, woven from the finest materials that caress your skin and lull you into a blissful slumber.
  • Curtains: Decorate your windows and bathrooms with our exquisite curtains, meticulously crafted from elegant fabrics that add a touch of sophistication to your aesthetics.
  • Bath Towels: Step out of the shower and into a symphony of softness with our plush towels, designed to absorb moisture quickly and leave your skin feeling pampered and refreshed.
  • Pillows: Elevate your sleep experience with our luxurious pillows, crafted from supportive and breathable materials that provide optimal comfort throughout the night.
  • Blankets: Wrap yourself in the warmth and coziness of our blankets, woven from the finest fabrics that provide a gentle embrace and regulate your temperature throughout the night.
  • Comforters: Experience unparalleled comfort with our luxurious comforters, filled with the finest down and feathers that provide exceptional warmth and softness.

At Gold Fortune Textile, we believe that bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, and living spaces deserve linens that reflect our unique taste. Our collection encompasses a diverse range of brands, each offering a distinct personality to suit every corner of our homes. From the bedroom sanctuary to the heart of your entertaining spaces, our household linens transform each space into a haven of comfort and style.