Challis/Rayon Printed Hawaiian Pattern

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Challis/Rayon printed fabric is a lightweight and flowy textile crafted from rayon fibers, featuring vibrant and intricate designs printed onto its surface.

PHP 270/KG, 13-15KG in 1 roll (AVAILABLE in MAIN BRANCH)

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Crafted from the finest rayon fibers, Challis/Rayon printed fabric is a testament to elegance and fluidity. Its lightweight nature is paired with a flowy drape, creating a fabric that moves with grace. Adorned with vibrant and intricate designs, each print is thoughtfully applied to the fabric’s surface, ensuring every piece stands out with its unique beauty. This textile is a perfect blend of durability and delicate artistry, ideal for creating garments that make a statement while offering unparalleled comfort.

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white, old rose, teal, rust, black, mocha, mustard, navy


13kg, 14kg, 15kg