Challis-Rayon Printed Abstract Floral

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Challis/Rayon printed fabric is a lightweight and flowy textile crafted from rayon fibers, featuring vibrant and intricate designs printed onto its surface.
PHP 270/KG, 13-15KG in 1 roll (AVAILABLE in MAIN BRANCH)

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Discover the exquisite charm of Challis/Rayon printed fabric, a delightfully lightweight and flowing textile expertly fashioned from high-quality rayon fibers. Imbued with vibrant and intricate designs gracing its surface, this fabric embodies both elegance and versatility. Perfect for a myriad of fashion and crafting endeavors, it promises to elevate any project with its captivating allure and luxurious drape.

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pink, brown, blue, gray, orange, red, black, beige, white, yellow


28kg, 29kg, 30kg