Cotton Spandex Printed Barbie Font Pattern

From: 145.00

Cotton spandex printed fabric combines the natural comfort of cotton with the stretch of spandex, featuring vibrant printed patterns for a stylish and flexible textile suitable for a variety of fashion and apparel applications.

PHP 145/KG, 27-28KG in 1 roll (AVAILABLE in GFT 1 BRANCH)


Presenting our Cotton Spandex Printed fabric—an amalgamation of cotton’s natural comfort and spandex’s stretch, accentuated with lively printed patterns. This textile provides both style and flexibility, making it suitable for diverse fashion and apparel applications, ensuring a fashionable and adaptable fit for any occasion.

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lavender, fuschia pink, black, powder blue, peach, red, white, royal blue, navy blue, mustard


27kg, 28kg