Challis/Rayon Printed Spring Summer Pattern

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Challis/Rayon printed fabric is a lightweight and flowy textile crafted from rayon fibers, featuring vibrant and intricate designs printed onto its surface.

PHP 270/KG, 13-15KG in 1 roll (AVAILABLE in MAIN BRANCH)

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Challis/Rayon printed fabric embodies both grace and finesse, meticulously crafted from high-quality rayon fibers. Its lightweight texture facilitates effortless movement, complemented by a gentle, flowing drape that exudes sophistication. Intricate and vibrant designs adorn its surface, each print intricately applied to enhance its visual allure. This textile seamlessly blends durability with delicate artistry, making it an exquisite choice for creating garments that effortlessly captivate attention while ensuring supreme comfort.

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mustard, white, black, powder blue, red, skintone, navy, old rose


13kg, 14kg, 15kg