Challis/Rayon Printed Garden Pattern

From: 270.00

Challis/Rayon printed fabric is a lightweight and flowy textile crafted from rayon fibers, featuring vibrant and intricate designs printed onto its surface.

PHP 270/KG, 13-15KG in 1 roll (AVAILABLE in MAIN BRANCH)


Introducing our Challis/Rayon printed fabric—a lightweight and fluid textile meticulously crafted from high-quality rayon fibers. With vibrant and intricate designs printed onto its surface, this fabric effortlessly combines comfort with style. Its flowing drape and eye-catching patterns make it the perfect choice for a variety of fashion and home decor projects, adding a touch of elegance to any creation.

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army, mustard, white, black, royal blue, old rose, red, navy


13kg, 14kg, 15kg